.::3rd week of semester::.

salam followers!!! so sorry since dh lma x update this blog... busy, very busy & extremely busy!! those are the best words to describe my life now...

pejam celik pejam celik, dh 3 weeks I started my new semester..kejap je rs..study..working..shopping...tetttt!!! tu sbb rs kejap je ms brlalu...hahaha.. then, next week have to submit 2 assignments...adoiiiiii... dh la 1 ape pn x strt lg..tension2!!

apa yg sy bt dlm 3 weeks ni ek selain stdy, attend class, working & shopping..??

1st week:

nasi tomato & ayam masak merah & acar..

2nd week:

raspberry cheesecake...

3rd week:

byron bay, NSW.. :)

those activities above just like a therapy for myself...lpas penat2 study kn...attend classes..& thn ni sgt2 tough dr thn lpas...pray for the best!!!

till then..bye2!!

much love,


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